Council To Deliver ‘Goody Bags’ To Isolated Older Residents

Covid has caused a lot of suffering within the community – but it has had perhaps the greatest effect on vulnerable older people, some who have had to isolate for months at a time  separated from loved ones and unable to attend the usual clubs or day centres that made life a little bit easier. In order to bring a little cheer into these people’s … Continue reading Council To Deliver ‘Goody Bags’ To Isolated Older Residents

Grants Available – Deadlines Approaching

There are a number of grants administered by Suffolk Community Foundation where the deadline for applying is coming up fast. If your group or project needs funding – check below to see if you fulfil any of these criteria. Suffolk Rural Fund Grants of up to £4,000 are available to support constituted organisations and up to £1,000 to support ‘micro’ projects hosted by parish councils. … Continue reading Grants Available – Deadlines Approaching