Review – Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr

Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr – Co op Juniors – Seckford Theatre 9/10June Not many people with young children won’t have seen the Dreamworks’ cartoon about a ship load of zoo animals who escape from a New York Zoo and end up being shipwrecked by a troupe of penguins on Madagascar – but how do you put it on stage? If you are the … Continue reading Review – Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr

Review – Education Education Education

Education Education Education – Wardrobe Ensemble – New Wolsey Theatre (part of the Pulse Festival) The 1990’s saw the emergence of Tony Blair’s New Labour and the concept of Cool Britannia, the promotion of the UK as the ‘in’ place to visit and to live. Wardrobe Ensemble take one aspect of this time – the drive to improve education standards – and have developed a … Continue reading Review – Education Education Education

Review – Pulse Festival 3

Pulse Festival 3 – Tuesday 5th June – New Wolsey Theatre Frankie Vah – written and performed by Luke Wright I’ve followed Luke Wright since he emerged onto the performance poetry scene as a raw newcomer 19 years ago. And he’s come a long way since then. More especially he’s managed to carve himself a niche in the poetry circuit that’s actually made performance poetry … Continue reading Review – Pulse Festival 3

Review – Pulse Festival 2

The Pulse Festival 2– New Wolsey Theatre – Sunday 3rd June Sunday saw the trial of a new idea – a ‘pay what you like’ day. And judging by audience numbers – this was a very popular way of presenting new work. Skin a Cat – by Isley Lynn – Rive Productions This powerfully visceral, yet surprisingly humorous, play about the awakening of womanhood in … Continue reading Review – Pulse Festival 2

Review – Grow Up Grandad

Grow up Grandad by Gordon Steel – Gallery Players – Sir John Mills Theatre till Saturday Although under the auspices of Gallery Players this play has very much been Director Steve Wooldridge’s passion – this is the second time he has staged it – and he has been evangelical about it merits. But his faith in both the writing and the performances is thoroughly justified in … Continue reading Review – Grow Up Grandad

Review – A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams – English Touring Theatre – New Wolsey Theatre till Sat 28th April and touring Tennessee Williams’ powerful play was written in 1947 but in some ways it is timeless. It certainly resonates with us today with its themes of violence and oppression against women and the complex reasons people stay in relationships. Director Chelsea Walker has made a … Continue reading Review – A Streetcar Named Desire

Student Review – Kindertransport

Kindertransport by Diane Samuels – New Wolsey Theatre  Kindertransport – the German word that translates as the transportation of children. Today, Kindertransport means one thing: the escape and rescue of 10,000 children from the Nazi regime before the outbreak of the Second World War. When nine-year-old Eva Schlesinger is sent from her home in Hamburg, Germany to brave the unknown of Manchester by herself, the … Continue reading Student Review – Kindertransport

Review – Kindertransport

KinderTransport by Diane Samuels – New Wolsey Theatre till Saturday 21st April  & touring Samuels’ modern classic was written in 1993 but since then has been performed many many times and translated into a number of different languages. It’s about a subject that must never be forgotten – the Nazi attempt to obliterate a people group during the years 1936 – 1945, commonly known as … Continue reading Review – Kindertransport