Review – We Are The Lions, Mr Manager

We Are The Lions, Mr Manager – written by Neil Gore – Townsend Theatre Productions – New Wolsey Studio – last night and touring There are many very important stories to be told on the historical road to freedom – and Townsend Productions, formed in 2011 as collaboration between director Louise Townsend, writer Neil Gore and musician John Kirkpatrick, have carved a niche for themselves … Continue reading Review – We Are The Lions, Mr Manager

Review – Up ‘N’ Under

Up ‘N’ Under by John Godber – fingersmiths – New Wolsey Theatre till Sat 10th then touring Inclusivity is the name of the game in theatre circles at the moment – and The New Wolsey has always been in the forefront of the drive to make theatre more accessible for the deaf and disabled audience – which of course should be applauded. I have seen all … Continue reading Review – Up ‘N’ Under

Review – Duke’s Comedy Club

Duke’s Comedy Club – The New Wolsey Theatre – Fri 2nd Feb Once again The New Wolsey have got together four comedians who have all made a name for themselves on the circuits and at Edinburgh – and presented a thoroughly entertaining night of modern comedy that had something for everyone. The evening was hosted by Lara A King – who is an excellent comic … Continue reading Review – Duke’s Comedy Club

Student Review – The Pillowman

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh – New Wolsey Young Company – New Wolsey Studio This was a fantastic, mind chilling theatre piece set in a totalitarian state where a writer, Katurian , is arrested and interrogated by two policeman who are investigating a series of child murders that have strong similarities to his short stories. In this play be ready for twists and turns, strong … Continue reading Student Review – The Pillowman

Review – The Pillowman

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh – New Wolsey Young Company – New Wolsey Studio until Saturday 2nd Dec This modern play from the writer of films ‘In Bruges’ and ‘Seven Psychopaths’ takes as its theme one that has been reproduced in many plays and films – and with a storyline that  is almost an exact copy of  an independent 1991 film ‘Closet Land’ – although … Continue reading Review – The Pillowman

Review – Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood – A New Rock & Roll Panto by Peter Rowe – New Wolsey Theatre till Jan 27th Well the New Wolsey have unveiled their seasonal production – and after last night’s rip roaring performance it’s got to be said – this one’s a cracker! This is the tenth panto that Artistic Director Peter Rowe has presided over – and every year they … Continue reading Review – Red Riding Hood

Review – Rules for Living

Rules for Living by Sam Holcroft – New Wolsey Theatre until Sat 4th November First shown at the National Theatre in 2015, Rules for Living has been revived for a tour of the provinces by English Touring Theatre under the direction of Simon Godwin. Its billed as a cross between an Alan Ayckbourn and a look at Cognative Behavioural Therapy. But this play by relative … Continue reading Review – Rules for Living

Review – Roger McGough and Little Machine

Roger McGough and Little Machine – New Wolsey Theatre Sunday 29th October Roger McGough has been a poet of wit and witticisms for nigh on 60 years – yet he is still as fresh and relevant as he was and has always been, and shows no sign of slowing down. He was awarded his O.B.E. for services to poetry in 1997 and more recently a … Continue reading Review – Roger McGough and Little Machine

Review – Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians

Morgan & West: Time travelling Magicians – New Wolsey Theatre Saturday 29th October and touring The enigmatic duo of Rhys Morgan and Rob West don’t want you knowing a lot about their real background. Their personification is Victorian magicians and their website gives no more information other than that they met at Oxford University. So be it. Maybe we don’t need to know them to … Continue reading Review – Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians

Review – Oxy And The Morons

Oxy and The Morons – Paul Sirett, Mike Peters and Steve Allen Jones – New Wolsey Theatre, Saturday 21st October. Unfortunately due to holiday commitments I only caught this production at the end of its run – but I do hope it is revived and taken on tour because this is probably one of the best things that the New Wolsey have produced this year … Continue reading Review – Oxy And The Morons