Review – Kindertransport

KinderTransport by Diane Samuels – New Wolsey Theatre till Saturday 21st April  & touring Samuels’ modern classic was written in 1993 but since then has been performed many many times and translated into a number of different languages. It’s about a subject that must never be forgotten – the Nazi attempt to obliterate a people group during the years 1936 – 1945, commonly known as … Continue reading Review – Kindertransport

Review – Bette & Joan

Bette & Joan by Anton Burge – Horizon Theatre– last night at the Orwell hotel and touring Horizon Theatre specialise in small cast, compact little plays –( Wit, Duet for One, MAMIL) and this is another  – this time a two hander set in 1962 and featuring notorious screen legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Both were icons in their day but by the early … Continue reading Review – Bette & Joan

Two New Support Groups For Dementia In Felixstowe

Are you a carer for someone with dementia – or do you know someone who is? It’s estimated that around 12,800 people in Suffolk are currently living with dementia, with the number rising in the future at a time when the NHS is strapped for cash and many people are left to struggle on with very little help. In January two new dementia support groups … Continue reading Two New Support Groups For Dementia In Felixstowe

Review – Guesthouse by Nicola Wernowska

Guesthouse by Nicola Wernowska – Eastern Angles – Walton Community Hall and touring. Eastern Angles go back to their roots with this very localised play set in Clacton and following the relationship of three generations of women in the B&B business. The title suggests its going to be about the rise and fall of the seaside landlady – but this is a play still to … Continue reading Review – Guesthouse by Nicola Wernowska

Dog Bans On The Beach – Have Your Say

Do you walk your dog on Felixstowe beach? Have you got a strong opinion on those who do? At the moment there are a number of byelaws in place across Suffolk Coastal concerning dog control and restrictions in public spaces but the council is committed to replacing these with Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). As far as Felixstowe beach is concerned there are two options now being … Continue reading Dog Bans On The Beach – Have Your Say

Brown Bin Collection – Sign Up Now

If you use your brown bin for garden or food waste and you want to continue to do so – you only have a few weeks left to sign up to SCDC’s new paid scheme. The first paid-for collections are scheduled to start from the beginning of May, after Suffolk Coastal District Council introduced a £43 a year charge for collecting garden waste this financial … Continue reading Brown Bin Collection – Sign Up Now

Review – Our Country’s Good

Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker – Ramps On The Moon – New Wolsey Theatre till Saturday 7th April then touring Wertenbaker’s play was written only 30 years ago but has become a modern classic. Based on Thomas Keneally’s novel ‘The Playmaker’, it tells the story of a penal colony in Australia in 1789 at a time when both the soldiers and the inmates are … Continue reading Review – Our Country’s Good

Voting Open For Visit Felixstowe Tourism Award

Voting Open For Visit Felixstowe Tourism Award 2018 The online vote for the first ever Visit Felixstowe Tourism Award has gone live – and the public are now invited to vote for their favourite. This new annual award is designed celebrate the tourist industry Felixstowe by rewarding a tourist related organisation or businesses which has excelled during the past year, although the selection of organisations or events to … Continue reading Voting Open For Visit Felixstowe Tourism Award

Review – Woyzeck by George Buchner

Woyzeck by George Buchner adapted by Daniel Kramer – New Wolsey Young Company – New Wolsey Studio till Sat 31st March This play was left unfinished by George Buchner on his death in 1836 – but since then has become one of the most performed plays in translation out of Germany. Its themes of oppression and manipulation of the working man are both universal and … Continue reading Review – Woyzeck by George Buchner