Changes to Felixstowe Parking Tariffs Imminent

Car parking charges in Felixstowe are changing. Following a delay caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, East Suffolk Council will now begin rolling out new parking tariffs across the district – which will include charges in car parks that were previously free . However – after listening to the public – there will still be free half hour parking across a number of sites.

 There are also standard charges across the whole district.

Below are the car parks in Felixstowe that will now have charges. Parking charges on all car parks will be: up to 2hrs £1.50, up to 4 hrs £3, all day £4

Those marked with # = First 30 min free of charge

Arwela Road Car Park

Beach Station Car Park

#Brackenbury Fort Car Park#

#Clifflands Car Park#

#Convalescent Hill Car Park#

Crescent Road Car Park

#Felixstowe Pier Car Park#

Garrison Lane Car Park

Golf Road Car Park

Highfield Road Car Park

#Landguard Car Park#

#Manor Terrace Car Park#

Martello Park North Car Park

Martello Park South Car Park

Ranelagh Road Car Park

Spa Pavilion Car Park

The Grove Car Park No charge but designated for cars and motorcycles only.

The Promenade Car Park

Undercliff Car Park

Searson’s Farm Car Park No charge but designated for cars and motorcycles

East Suffolk Council will introduce the new tariffs in a staggered roll out, with signs erected to indicate the new charges, starting in Bungay on Monday 24 August. The roll out will then continue through the district across the next few weeks.

East Suffolk Council is also continuing to make the best use of technology to improve services by making them more efficient, and has seen an increase of 129% on contactless payments in its carparks as visitors take advantage of the simple RingGo app to park with ease and confidence.

Available in all East Suffolk’s car parks, RingGo is a quick and easy to use mobile phone service which lets people pay for their parking with a credit or debit card, via an app, rather than using cash at the machine. This means that drivers no longer need to queue at the machine or handle cash to pay for their parking.

Whilst there used to be a convenience fee of 20p to use the app, East Suffolk Council covers this cost, so drivers do not get charged extra for using this payment option. There is however a small extra charge if drivers choose to opt in to receive SMS reminders, of when you time is running out.

To register with RingGo and go contactless, go to

Parking management moved from the police to East Suffolk Council in April 2020, to improve parking locally and tackle nuisance and unlawful parking, enabling the Council to address the parking problems that are affecting communities the most.

Alongside this, the Council also reviewed how it administrated on-street parking permits, exemptions and dispensations. As a result of this, a new digital system has been put in place, enabling residents and others to apply for and manage permits online. The system also recognises valid permits from a vehicle’s registration number, meaning that permit holders will no longer need to remember to display their permits.

For more details, go to




One thought on “Changes to Felixstowe Parking Tariffs Imminent

  1. Grey markings for disablef should be reinstated. Many elderly cannot walk far
    You will be driving people away. I cannot walk far due to spinal problems. I now have to use martlesham for shopping. Please rethink
    Everyone is not able bodied


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