East Suffolk Council’s Proposal To Celebrate Volunteers

Do you know someone who has dedicated their time to helping others through the pandemic? Has a group, business, or charity made a positive difference to your lockdown experience ?

 We all know that covid has brought out both the best and the worst in people – and the news is often full of the negative. But while there have been stories of exploitation and neglect there have been many more of groups, organisations and individuals who have stepped up to the mark and gone the extra mile for their neighbours and communities.

 East Suffolk Council wants to celebrate the people, organisations and businesses who have given up their time, knowledge, and skills to help make a difference in their communities during the Covid-19 outbreak, and as part of this, the Council has decided to create a unique eBook which will tell the stories of some of these and showcase the important work they have carried out, and continue to carry out as many still need support, even as lockdown restrictions are gradually easing. And it wants you to nominate those who should be featured in this unique record

Cllr Steve Gallant, Leader of East Suffolk Council, said: “Covid-19 has taken a terrible toll on the country, but it has also brought out the very best in our communities and highlighted the incredible lengths that people are willing to go through to help others.

“East Suffolk’s response to the crisis has been nothing short of amazing and I am truly grateful to the hundreds of people, organisations and businesses who have dedicated their time and resources to support their communities – they have been delivering vital food and medicines to vulnerable residents, manufacturing PPE to protect carers, making phone calls to lonely and/or isolated residents and much, much more.

“To thank each and every one of these unsung heroes, we want to produce a unique eBook to tell some of their stories and celebrate their amazing achievements. To help us, please nominate the people, organisations or businesses that have helped in your community during the crisis by filling out this short form.”

If you know of anyone in your community who have been volunteering and helped those in need during this time or have been involved with an organisation or businesses which has stepped in as a response to Covid-19, please make sure you nominate them by filling out the form at https://thebridge3.typeform.com/to/eAAIJ8Dd.

All nominations must be entered by Thursday 27 August 2020.


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