Felixstowe Town Council Asks for Community Feedback on Business Plan

Felixstowe Town Council has published a draft Business Plan for 2020-2024, which was developed following feedback from a community survey and a Felixstowe Horizons Engagement event, and are now seeking the public’s views on it.

The aim of the Town Council’s Business Plan is to clearly articulate the Council’s priorities for the next four years. There are four main objectives:

Focus on the Environment – which includes reacting to the ‘climate emergency’ declared in 2019 by promoting the use of renewable energy, cycle paths, encouraging homes to be built to green standards  and providing electricity charging points for cars

Support the Community –  which includes working with youth and dementia groups and providing funding towards health, cultural and well being initiatives.

Enhance Public Spaces – which includes improving play areas, extending the cemetery and developing a vision for the town centre and

Promote Felixstowe – which includes protecting Felixstowe’s heritage, promoting the town centre, improving the gateway to the town and supporting activities that promote the town’s tourism.

This is all very laudable – and it is and will be interesting to look at what has been proposed in recent months such as moving the leisure centre, the golf club development at Brackenbury or the large housing developments on green spaces and assess how they measure up to these criteria.

I would urge you to have a read of the full plan. The draft Business Plan is available here: Felixstowe Business Plan 2020-2024 draft and give your comments

You can give your feedback via the survey here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3PYJ6YB

The public consultation ends at 5pm on Thursday 5th March 2020

The Council say “Your views on the priorities in the Business Plan are welcomed and will be considered by the Council when it meets in March. Once adopted, the Plan will be used to steer Council activities and allocate resources from May 2020 onward.”

It will also be extremely important to call the Council to account in the next four years if they do not measure up to these aims and commitments.



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