Suffolk Coastal Candidates Announced for General Election

You may have noticed amongst all the debacle with Brexit and Boris Johnson’s lost majority in the Commons, and not having learned anything from Mrs May’s abortive attempt to increase her majority in 2017, that the government has decided the only way out is holding yet another General Election. So on Thursday December 12th we once again go to the polls. On a more serious … Continue reading Suffolk Coastal Candidates Announced for General Election

East Suffolk Council Unveils New Community Partnerships Initiative

On Thursday night at Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club East Suffolk Council held a meeting for invited community leaders to officially unveil a new innovation  to create something called Community Partnerships. Not surprisingly, when the councils of Waveney and Suffolk Coastal were amalgamated, concerns were expressed about the 55 Councillors having to cover larger geographical areas, more Town and Parish Councils and more people, and hence … Continue reading East Suffolk Council Unveils New Community Partnerships Initiative

Student Review – The Season

The Season by Jim Barne and Kit Buchan presented by the New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, showing Tue 5th – Sat 16th November. The Season is a heart-warming, delightfully humorous Christmas musical to get you into the holiday swing. It follows the journey of Dougal, a young man, full of festivity from Ipswich, England, and Robin, a young American woman is who is far from fond … Continue reading Student Review – The Season

Review – Edith – In The Beginning

Edith – In The Beginning by Karen Forbes – Stuff of Dreams Theatre Company – Sat 8th at Sir John Mills The story of Edith Pretty, Basil Brown and the ground breaking archaeological discoveries at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge in the 1930’s has been the subject of quite a few productions – notably one by Eastern Angles few years ago. There is also a film … Continue reading Review – Edith – In The Beginning


This weekend is the 74th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and 101st anniversary of the ending of the First. Although it is now so long ago – and there are very few left who were actually there – it is still so important to remember them and the cost involved to so many families and loved ones. There is a view that you only … Continue reading REMEMBRANCE WEEKEND IN FELIXSTOWE

Review – One Under

One Under by Winsome Pinnock – Graeae Theatre Company with Ramps on the Moon – New Wolsey Theatre till Friday and touring The Ramps on the Moon project, which aims to integrate able bodied and disabled actors and make productions more fully accessible, have in the past tackled big cast and classic productions like Brecht’s The Threepenny Opera , Gogol’s The Government Inspector and Timberlake … Continue reading Review – One Under