Orwell Garden Village – Developers Withdraw Application

Developers Gladmans have decided to withdraw a controversial plan for a huge 2,700 homes development known as Orwell Green Garden Village after adverse responses from private consultation and East Suffolk Council . Is this a sign that the corner has finally been turned in the free- for- all that seems to have blighted development plans in the last five years?

In a move that should hearten campaigners against other massive, inappropriate for the areas and totally unnecessary blots on the landscape, an outline planning application for 2,700 homes in Foxhall straddling fields near Bucklesham and proposed to overwhelm a number of small villages, was submitted by Gladman & Orwell Settlement Trustees to East Suffolk Council on 15th May 2019.

An extended consultation period took place in June and July and following consideration of consultation responses and feedback from the council the applicants have now chosen to withdraw the application as of 22nd August 2019.

Councillor David Ritchie, Cabinet Member for Planning and Coastal Management said: “The council has clearly expressed to the applicants that this unplanned proposal is not supported and not in accordance with the current development plan or the emerging Local Plan for the former Suffolk Coastal area. The Council was in the process of preparing a report for the 9th September Strategic Planning Committee, recommending refusal of the application. The emerging plan is currently being examined by the Planning Inspectorate for its soundness, with hearings being held between 20th August and 20th September.

“It is an ambitious plan which identifies sites to meet the housing needs of the District until 2036 to ensure the delivery of the right homes and infrastructure for our communities. The emerging Local Plan also enables the council to carefully plan for the cumulative environmental effects of growth and the submitted application had failed to take this into account alongside its own effects.

“The council welcomes the applicants’ decision to withdraw this application and the council remains well placed to protect against unplanned growth over future years through its recently published position confirming that the council has a deliverable supply of over seven years’ worth of housing land for the area.”


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