Refurbished Play Areas in Three Felixstowe Parks Re Opened

On Wednesday  7th August the Mayor of Felixstowe, Cllr Nick Barber re-opened the Gosford Way play area with the help of local children and families.  Following refurbishment of a £265,000 project, three play areas in Felixstowe parks have now been given improved facilities. 

The play areas have been fully refurbished with a range of items suitable for toddlers, juniors and teenagers. Cavendish Park has a new Multi-use Games Area and the play equipment at Gosford Way has been replaced with 14 new pieces. The project also includes improvements to Allenby Park play area, This includes replacing and widening of the 5-a-side pitch and additional equipment added to the existing play area.

Work on the project started in May after Felixstowe Town Council, East Suffolk Council and Suffolk Coastal Norse worked together to identify the three play areas in need of an upgrade as part of on-going investment in the area.

Good to see some of our council taxes going back into Felixstowe with genuine improvements. Let’s hope these areas are respected and used as they should be and not abused by vandals.

3 thoughts on “Refurbished Play Areas in Three Felixstowe Parks Re Opened

  1. Well yes agree play areas required up grades, Allenby Park football area had not been touched since 2001 and the play area needed up grades. This has now almost Been completed, unfortunately to the detriment of large areas of grass tothe entrance of the park, where rubble and soil was placed and has now killed the grass. The football area is fine, apart from each side is lower than the grass making it rather dangerous and a tripping hazard. The goals themselves have not been replaced and one is so rusty it is crumbling and falling apart.


  2. Whilst i have been critical of a few actions taken locally, it’s fantastic to see the news about the play areas. I’ve kept my 6 year old granddaughter up to date, via WhatsApp, with the progress of Allenby park’s new, very smart looking, play area. Her first comment to the picture of the climbing wall was “wow, I can’t wait to try it out next time we visit”. Well done, and thanks.
    Let’s hope we can have more regular clean-ups of rubbish and cannabis smoking.


    1. Well said Ivan

      Yes cleaning of the rubbish, empty beer bottles, cannabis etc need to be addressed, as does the cleaning of the pathways.


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