Felixstowe Town Council Elections – Results

The other election on May 2nd was for Felixstowe Town Council – which had also had a change of Ward boundaries creating four new wards. Not surprisingly the Conservatives retained control – but there is now a few more parties in the mix- which can only be good for the decision making process.

In all sixteen councillors were elected – resulting in 12 Conservatives, 3 Labour and one Lib Dem. Only Felixstowe Walton ward followed the national trend by voting in all three Labour candidates. But after many years the Liberal Democrats finally have a representative on the council in the person of Seamus Bennett.

All previous incumbent councillors who stood retained their seats – including former Mayors Nick Barber and Doreen Savage and current Mayor Graham Newman.

Full Results are as follows:

Felixstowe Coastal   – 38.8% turnout

Darren Aitchison (C), Nick Barber (C), Steve Gallant (C), Sharon Harkin (C), Mark Jepson (C), Doreen Savage (C) , Steve Wiles (C), Seamus Bennett (LD)

Felixstowe Marshes – 45.3 % turnout

Michael Richardson (C) (by only 10 votes from the Labour candidate)

Felixstowe Port – turnout 26.8%

Stuart Bird (C), Tracey Green (C), Graham Newman (C), Andy Smith (C)

Felixstowe Walton – turnout 29.6%

Mike Deacon (L), Margaret Morris (L), Kimberley Williams (L)


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