Local Election Results – East Suffolk Bucks The Trend – Tories Remain In Power

May 2nd saw a difficult night across the country for the two main parties who both got a bloody nose – and it was a good night for both the Greens who gained power in places they had only dreamed of before, and the Lib Dems who had a resurgence in support not seen for 15 years.

But this was not the story in East Suffolk – where the Conservatives retained a very firm hold on the newly formed ‘super council’ which has been created from combining Suffolk Coastal with Waveney. 39 out of the 55 seats went to the Tories, Labour won 7, Greens 4, Lib Dems 3 and Independents 2.

In spite of furious opposition by protest groups to the Local Plan, and a number of issues with planning policy and misspending, it seems that East Suffolk is and always will be firmly dyed- in- the- wool blue, although a few big names did lose their seats including previous leader of Waveney Mark Bee and long term cabinet members  Geoff Holdcroft in Woodbridge and Andy Smith in Felixstowe.

In Western Felixstowe ward there was only a 28% turn out. Stuart Bird (878) and Tracy Green (852) were returned for the Conservatives, while Felixstowe’s long term and now only Labour representative for the whole peninsula,  Mike Deacon, was returned as the third seat with 1022  votes, the most polled in the ward .

In Eastern Felixstowe there was a 39% turn out with Steve Gallant (1812), Mark Jepson (1556), and Steve Wiles (1656) all returned for the Conservatives.

In the Orwell & Villages ward which included the Trimleys, the two independent candidates, Stephen Wrinch (1017) and Sherrie Green (1040), put up a very good fight and lost by only a small margin. With a 38% turn out Richard Kerry (1141) and Mellissa Allen (1179) were returned for the Conservatives.

The results of the Town Council Election are still to be declared.

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