May 2nd Election – Felixstowe Town Council Candidates Announced

As well as electing a whole new set of councillors to the new East Suffolk District Council – May 2nd also sees elections for Felixstowe Town Council. There are new ward boundaries here too with four new wards being created : Coastal, Marshes, Port & Walton

If you would like to see how they compare to the previous wards go to this link.

The following candidates have been nominated to stand for the following wards:

Felixstowe Coastal Parish Ward – 8 to be elected

Labour candidates:

David Ablitt, Hattie Bennett, Mary Franklin, Richard Reaville, Michael Sharman, Krystyna Smithers, Martin Walker, Mary Wyatt

Conservative candidates:

Darren Aitchinson, Nick Barber *, Steve Gallent *, Sharon Harkin, Mark Jepson*, Mike Paper, Doreen Savage *, Steve Wiles*

Liberal Democrat candidates:

Jan Candy, Mike Ninnmey, Bernard Price, Seamus Bennett

Felixstowe Marshes Parish Ward – 1 to be elected

Mick Richardson (Con), Andrew Tink (Lab)

Felixstowe Port Parish Ward – 4 to be elected

Labour candidates:

Marc James, Mark Jones, David Rowe, Stephen Wyatt

Conservative candidates:

Stuart Bird*, Tracy Green*, Graham Newman*, Andy Smith*

Liberal Democrat candidates:

Harry Dangerfield, Lee Reeves, John Wiggill

Felixstowe Walton Parish Ward – 3 to be elected

Labour candidates:

Mike Deacon*, Margaret Morris, Kimberley Williams*

Conservative candidates:

Steve Bloomfield *, Jacs Clarke, Sarah Gooch

* Denotes previous seat on Town Council – looking for re – election




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