New Play Equipment Set To Revive Three Felixstowe Parks

Good news for families with children. Three popular play areas in Felixstowe are set to be given a £265,000 upgrade with the combined resources of SCDC, Felixstowe Town Council, Felixstowe Youth Forum,  Outdoor Playing Space Fund and Local Councillors’ Enabling Communities Budgets.

Three areas have been identified as high priority; Gosford Way, Allenby Park and Cavendish Park. The project is expected to commence in June and should be completed in time for the summer holidays.

Gosford Way and Allenby Park will be fully refurbished with a range of items suitable for toddlers, juniors and teenagers. Cavendish Park will gain a Multi-Use Games Area aimed at teenagers.

Gosford Way will have all the play equipment replaced with 14 new pieces. In Allenby Park the surface area of the 5-a-side will be replaced and widened, the play area will get five new pieces of equipment as well as multi-unit offering eight different activities. A Multi-Use Games Area will be installed at Cavendish Park offering a range of leisure activities such as 5-a-side football and basketball.

Mayor of Felixstowe, Cllr Graham Newman, said: “Securing upgrades to our play areas was identified as a priority for the Town Council so I’m delighted that this project has been so well supported. Once these three areas have been improved we will continue to work in partnership with the District Council to plan for further upgrades to other play areas in the town.”

Suffolk Coastal councillors, Doreen Savage, Steve Gallant, Stephen Bloomfield and Andy Smith have also donated to the project from their Enabling Communities Budget. Cllr Graham Newman and Cllr Steve Wiles have donated towards the project from their Suffolk County Council Locality Budgets.


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