Latest Ofsted Report On Felixstowe Academy – ‘More Work Needed’

Felixstowe Academy was placed in special measures in November 2017 in the wake of serious problems with bullying, low GCSE results and severe criticism of the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET) that was running the school, with MP Dr Therese Coffey calling for a change of management.

The school was visited by inspectors in December 2018 and the latest Ofsted report suggests that there is still ‘work to be done’ – especially in the areas of improving the progress of boys and special education needs, but that ‘effective action’ was being taken and progress was being made in all areas.

AET had already been rated ‘inadequate’ and is now in a caretaker role until the school can be ‘re-brokered’ – to be sponsored by another Trust –  as soon as this can be arranged.

The report noted that bulling incidents were down and pupils felt they were making better progress as there were fewer temporary teachers and a more structured method of learning. But there were still concerns from pupils about after school behaviour that it was felt could undermine and intimidate weaker pupils.

GCSE marks had improved – but not enough – especially in science and geography. The re- structured leadership of the school was praised as ‘focused’ with a ‘shared vision for the school’s development’ . Parents also had a more positive view of the school – but this was based on only 31 questionnaires received back – so the school recognises more work has to be done amongst parents to improve their perception.

However there is still a high level of absences and the boy’s progress was still considerably weaker than the girls

The school has been receiving help from linking in with Eastward Academy at Leigh- on- Sea, which was also seen as a positive step.

School Principle Anthony Williams said he was pleased with the report but realised changes still had to be made, especially in the area of pupils progress.

There will be another monitoring visit from Ofsted in the spring.

If you would like to read the report in full you can find it here


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