Changes to Felixstowe Community Hospital Services Revealed

Last night I went to the so called ‘drop in information evening’ at The Orwell Hotel concerning proposed changes to the facilities at Felixstowe Community Hospital.

‘Pathetic’ is probably a kind way of describing the one board at the back with minimal information and the rather self satisfied and totally uninterested collection of people on duty to fend off any questions from the general public.

The first point to be made is that it’s a DONE DEAL. In April next year the walk in availability at Felixstowe Community Hospital will cease – replaced with access to the Minor Injuries Unit only available through a GP appointment or 111.

The NHS has decided to standardise all such services as GP led facilities. Ours will be run by the Suffolk GP Federation that has taken over Walton Surgery .

There are a number of criteria that hospitals have to fulfil to be upgraded to an Urgent Care Unit. Felixstowe does not qualify – although there was no one on duty last night who could tell you what those criteria were and where Felixstowe fell short.

The representative from the Clinical Care Commission insisted there had been a lot of patient consultation on the changes. No one I spoke to had seen any. Apparently as long as the hospital is not closing the authorities don’t have to carry our any consultations anyway.

The staff at Felixstowe Community Hospital have already been informed of the changes. The way the local people’s views are trampled over beggars belief. But the only answer to this is that it’s a policy of NHS England and as such is unassailable.

If you want to make your views known the is another chance on Friday at The Orwell Hotel from 9am-12 noon



2 thoughts on “Changes to Felixstowe Community Hospital Services Revealed

  1. So if we are to telephone our GP surgery, mine being Grove medical. It usually takes around ten to twenty minutes to get through. So if you have a bad cut and perhaps take warfarin or similar, are you to bleed to death whilst holding on to get an appointment.
    A town of our size should have the appropriate walking system, that has run well over the past50 years plus.


  2. This sounds similar to the meeting re Ipswich and Colchester Hospitals at the Orwell last year that was a done deal too.


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