New Protest Groups Stand Up To Major Development Proposals For Peninsular

Are you worried about the proposals for the Felixstowe Peninsular contained in the Local Plan? Do you feel our councilors are not doing enough to speak for the concerns of local residents? Do you feel it’s time to stand up and say ‘No More’?

This week Kirton and Trimley Community Action Group (Kirton Land Grab)  staged a protest outside the Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club where a closed meeting was being held between landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, their PR company and local councillors.

KATCAG believe plans to build a massive logistics park at Innocence Farm in Kirton and further proposals for expansion into Christmasyard wood in Trimley will destroy the area, the villages’ character and clog up an already increasingly congested route.  The Port has also admitted the area is more than they need.

Now another group has emerged – Fairplay for Felixstowe – who are planning to hold a public meeting on Monday 10th Dec at the Leisure Centre at 7pm to discuss the proposals for the whole of the Felixtowe Peninsular and how the public can make their voices heard.

Their website can be found at

They describe themselves as:

‘A democratic residents group in Felixstowe. This group has been formed with intention of helping our local council make better planning decisions. In particular, we don’t think that the council are talking or listening properly to existing town residents with respect to the new Local Area Plan.

The new Suffolk Coastal Local Area Plan is still at the “Draft” stage.  IT CAN STILL BE CHANGED! The main purpose of the plan is to assign areas of land for future development (between 2019 and 2036). Once areas of land have become designated by the plan as suitable for development, it can safely be assumed that they will, at some point, be built upon.

​This is what the Draft Local Plan actually says in the introduction to the Felixstowe section (3.13)

“Large scale development through a Garden Neighbourhood is proposed for Felixstowe to enable the delivery of modern leisure facilities to meet the needs of the town as well as the District and beyond. The current leisure provision at the Leisure Centre and Brackenbury Sports Centre, have reached the end of their useful life and need to be modernised. Felixstowe is the largest town in the District and has significant opportunities for future economic growth supported by the Port of Felixstowe, associated industries and tourism.”

This is misleading because there is an existing budget and ongoing programme for the “delivery of modern leisure facilities” i.e. this is not at all dependent on the Garden Neighbourhood.

​Their main concerns are:

​1. A major housing development – the North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood. This will add another 2,000 homes to the town. This is on top of the 1,600 homes that currently are already being built or have planning permission.   These means that a total of 3,600 new homes are being planned for Felixstowe. We currently have around 12,000 homes so this represents about a 30% increase in the size of the population in less than 20 years. Suffolk Coastal District Council want to make Felixstowe a major growth centre.

​2. A major new logistics park. The plan intends to site this on about 300 acres of farmland (Innocence Farm) that runs directly along the north side of the A14 on the approach to the town (by Trimley St Martin). Anybody coming into Felixstowe, residents and visitors alike, will have to drive right past a huge area of containers and warehouses.

​3. Closure and demolition of the current leisure/sports facilities on the seafront and at Brackenbury. The council wants to build a new leisure/sports centre adjacent to the new “Garden Neighbourhood” housing estate. The Brackenbury site is to be allocated for housing.

Editors Note

For too long our local council, Suffolk Coastal District, has been remiss in its care for Felixstowe. Very soon they will merge with Waveney to create a’ super council’,  East Suffolk, where Felixstowe will come even further down the agenda. They see us as a dumping ground for new housing which if it all comes about will change the nature of the peninsular for ever.  Added to this you have Trinity College, Cambridge, a rich but extremely greedy landowner, who cares not one iota for the land it owns unless it can make money from it.

It is time to stand u and be counted. Before it’s too late.



One thought on “New Protest Groups Stand Up To Major Development Proposals For Peninsular

  1. What non violent watt is there to oppose this?

    I never saw any of this in a manjfesto.

    Bright well lakes.

    The bucklesham village

    Felixstowe garden village

    Might be 15,000 homes.


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