Suffolk Coastal MP Responds To SCDC Plan – Backing Local Opposition

There has been much debate on social media about SCDC’s Local Plan which advocates large swathes of house building on AONB within the Felixstowe peninsular and the controversial Innocent Farm proposal of a massive Port Of Felixstowe warehouse and distribution site for Kirton, which will increase traffic ten fold and probably involve re locating Trimley St Martin School.

Now our MP Dr Therese Coffey, has drafted her response to the proposals in which she states that although new housing is necessary – the level of build suggested is an overkill and would change the nature of our villages and our East Suffolk landscape fundamentally – making our villages mere dormitories and not vibrant individual villages of character and putting pressure on ANOB land. She also states categorically that the Innocence Farm project is the wrong one – and that it is not even supported by the Port.

It is very reassuring that our MP has spoken out and recognised the concerns of local people – the majority of whom would agree with what she says.

Yes more housing is needed – but we live on a Peninsula that is difficult to access if there is a road accident – with limited infrastructure and services and a High School already at capacity.

The new Brightwell Lakes development will see 2000 new homes being built on BT Martlesham land, adding to the already congested roads. At least five new developments are agreed or underway in Walton/The Trimleys. Surely the time has to come when we say enough is enough and any more will over congest and destroy the beautiful peninsular we have?

Therese Coffey’s letter is reprinted in full below.

If you want to make comments – either in support or in opposition her contact details are as follows:

Parliament: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA,

Call: 0207 219 7164


Coffey letter


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