Major Changes to Felixstowe- Ipswich Bus Routes Announced

First Bus are introducing some significant changes to the bus service between Felixstowe and Ipswich from 18th November which affect bus routes:  75|76|77|X7

First Bus maintain the changes are needed due to congestion on some roads in both towns and after detailed analysis of passenger numbers. They maintain they are designedto offer a simpler, more attractive service for the majority of our passengers that is easier to understand and more resistant to increasing traffic issues in and around Ipswich’. But since they will affect a number of regular bus users including older people, and inevitably mean that some roads will no longer be covered,  there are bound to be passengers adversely affected.

1) Ipswich – The Trimleys – Felixstowe

There will be three buses per hour between Ipswich and Felixstowe travelling via The Trimleys and Walton on Monday to Saturday daytimes.  These will operate every 20 minutes between Ipswich town centre and Felixstowe town centre.  From there, one bus per hour will continue to & from Grange Farm (75), Old Felixstowe (76) and Landguard Fort (77).

All buses will now follow the same route out of Ipswich, travelling via Spring Road, Heath Road (for Ipswich Hospital), Warren Heath (Murrills Road) and Trinity Park.  This will provide a new link between Old Felixstowe and Landguard Fort/Felixstowe Seafront and Ipswich Hospital.

Due to frequent traffic congestion on the way into and out of the town centre, and very small numbers of passengers using the service in these areas, buses will no longer serve Bishops Hill, Felixstowe Road, Cobham Road, Lindbergh Road, Nacton Road or John Lewis.

2) Felixstowe – Ipswich Hospital

For travel to and from Ipswich Hospital, buses will now use the stops on Heath Road from where there are pedestrian crossings allowing easy access to and from different parts of the Hospital.  This is due to ongoing issues of congestion in the bus turning area outside the Garrett Anderson Centre at Ipswich Hospital and is designed to help us keep to time more easily when the traffic is heavy.

3) New Fast Bus Service

In response to frequent requests, First Bus are introducing an X7 fast bus service between Ipswich and Felixstowe that will operate up to hourly throughout the day Monday to Saturday, with extra buses at peak times.  These buses will operate from Ipswich Old Cattle Market Bus Station, calling at Princes Street & Ipswich Rail Station before travelling non-stop via the A14.

In Felixstowe, buses will call in the town centre and then operate the loop around Grange Farm that is also covered by service 75 buses.  This will provide a bus up to every 30 minutes from Grange Farm to Felixstowe and then on to Ipswich.

4) Buses to Old Felixstowe

Bus route 76 will operate a simplified loop via Colneis Road, Rosemary Avenue, Cliff Road and Western Avenue.  Buses will no longer serve Church Road and Gosford Way due to very small numbers of passengers using the service in these areas and issues with parked cars sometimes causing extensive delays.

A downloadable PDF of the new bus timetables can be found on the First Bus website at:×7-18th


3 thoughts on “Major Changes to Felixstowe- Ipswich Bus Routes Announced

  1. i cannot beleive nos76 and 77 will no longer run felixstowe rd /nacton rd route a lot of people ( a lot of elderly )use those buses on those routes also people on felixstowe rd use them to get to ravenswood drs surgery which was originally on hatfield rd . ipswich buses do not have a bus on that route .it does decrease the number of buses in/out of town on felixstowe rd to 2 per hour . not good . we will have no direct route to felixstowe a trip into town to catch a bus will take considerable time .i am not happy and hope you reconsider .


    1. Why are the Ipswich local buses still going into the hospital? Not one of the 3 bus routs out of felixstowe are going into the hospital . I had a appointment at the hospital last week on a wet and windy day not too bad going but on the way back, and not feeling too good I had to negotiate a crossing on a very busy road where visibility was poor because it was late afternoon. This is a retrograde move specially for us elderly. I really think you should think again about this. Maybe you are not elderly, do not drive and rely on the bus service.


  2. I couldn’t believe it either, there must be more elderley people in Ipswich than Felixstowe! It obviously only rains in Ipswich. It really beggars belief as to the nonsensenical decisions made by the Transport Authorities. We are being isolated here in Felixstowe.


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