Shock Closure of Second Nursing Home in Felixstowe

In 2016 Leopold Nursing Home on Leopold Road closed its doors after 28 years trading, with owners citing under capacity making the home un- economic to run.

Now the same owners have announced the closure of their second care home and put the company – Leopold Nursing Homes Ltd – into  voluntary liquidation, with spokesperson Rema Jayarajan citing the same reasons – meaning  St Marys in Undercliff Rd overlooking the seafront  will be forced  to close by the end of the week and its 17 residents left to find alternative accommodation.

This care home has been operating for 22 years, but in 2012 was rated inadequate, although since then the rating has improved.

The home has a 36 beds but only has 17 residents at the current time. The spokesperson said that demand was not there and it had become financially untenable to run under capacity.

It catered for dementia sufferers and specialised in end of life care. It is due to close on Friday 28th September after residents were given a week’s notice.

The company is now working with Suffolk County Council to rehome the residents in time for Friday’s closure.

Ms Jayarajan said residents were given “a big list of nursing homes” to choose from, including Mill Lane in Felixstowe.

It does seem incredible in an area where a high percentage of residents are older and come to retire that both homes could not run on capacity and have been forced to close. Both buildings were Victorian and may have needed a lot of work to keep them maintained – but let us hope this is not a case of asset stripping by an unscrupulous parent company and is a genuine financial defeat in the face of rising costs.

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