Proposed Changes To Council Ward Boundaries – Have Your Say

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking for your views on proposed new electoral arrangements for East Suffolk District Council .

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney are in the process of merging into one council – and because of this the number of councillors will be reduced and ward boundaries changed.

Draft recommendations propose new council wards, ward boundaries and ward names across the council area.

The LGBC would like your views on the following

■ Do the proposed wards reflect local communities?

■ How do you think the proposals can be improved?

■ Are the names of the proposed wards right?

The proposal for Felixstowe is two, three councillor wards – Felixstowe North and Felixstowe South. At the moment we have four wards with two councillors in each. So Felixstowe would have two less councillors. The Trimleys at the moment is a separate ward. It is proposed these are lumped into a new ward – Orwell and Villages – with two councillors to cover an area including Newbourne, Bucklesham, Kirton Levington etc.

The full recommendations and detailed interactive maps are available on the Commission’s website at and Hard copies of the Commission’s report and maps will also be available to view at council buildings.

You can also write to: Review Officer (East Suffolk), LGBCE, 1st Floor, Windsor House, 50 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0TL Email: Twitter: @LGBCE

West Suffolk is also undergoing change with the councils of St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath also being merged.

The consultations run until 27 August 2018 and is open to anyone who is interested how the two council areas will be represented.

For East Suffolk, the Commission proposes reducing the council to 55 councillors in total. The draft recommendations are for eight one-councillor wards, thirteen two-councillor wards and seven three-councillor wards.

The boundaries will come into effect at the first elections for each authority in May 2019.











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