Suffolk County Council ‘We Are Listening Event’ Comes To Felixstowe

Suffolk County Council is holding a number of ‘We Are Listening’ Events across Suffolk in the next few months – and the road show comes to Felixstowe Triangle on 28th June.

From 11am members of the Council – including newly elected leader Mathew Hicks – will be on hand to answer your questions and concerns.

Felixstowe is represented on the Council by Graham Newman (Con) and Steve Wiles (Con) for Felixstowe Coastal and Stuart Bird (Con) for Felixstowe North and Trimley

The County Council is responsible for:

Adult and Community Services, Fire and Public Safety, Growth, Highways and Infrastructure and Health, Wellbeing and Children’s Services.

So – if you have any questions or concerns about these areas – go along to the Triangle on June 28th and have your say.

Suffolk is divided into 63 electoral divisions, 12 of which are represented by 2 councillors.

The full political make-up of the council is:

  • Conservative: 51
  • Green: 3
  • Independent: 4
  • Labour: 11
  • Liberal Democrat: 5
  • West Suffolk Independents: 1

There was recently a major political coup when previous SCC Leader Colin Noble was ousted by Matthew Hicks after Mr Noble was accused by the leaders of the districts represented on the council of acting “totally contrary to the spirit of joint working” that they have developed over the recent year, after he commissioned a report from think tank ResPublica into the future of local government in Suffolk at a cost of £70,000 without consulting them.

Mr Hicks, who was responsible for safety (including the fire service) and the environment, has been a member of the council for five years – and was seen as a unifying figure both within his party group and the council as a whole rather then Mr Noble who was perceived throughout his leadership as rather a divisive figure.

The county council Conservative group of 52 members voted behind closed doors in a secret ballot on Friday, May 11.

Although we apparently live in a democracy – the results were not published – not even to the rest of the party or the council – other than that Mr Hicks was elected over Mr Noble as head of the Conservative councillors, and since the Conservatives have a whacking majority on the Council, was duly confirmed as the new leader of SCC at its annual meeting on May 24.

Mr Hicks stated at the time : “The leader’s role is not to dominate but to motivate; and to work collaboratively with the group, and even on occasion with the opposition.”

Scrutiny committee chair Mary Evans was appointed as his Deputy.



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