North Sea Hotel Site to be Redeveloped – At Last?

The old North Sea Hotel site in Sea Road had been an eyesore for many years. A number of times it has looked as though something might be done – only for everything to go quite again.

Now FelixstoweSpy has learned that on 5th June a new planning application was put into the council – and work on the new site could be imminent.

Back in 1913 the building was the headquarters of the Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment for Felixstowe Air Station. I remember it as quite a classy hotel and restaurant in the early 1970’s. It then went through a number of metamorphosis but it was last used as a hotel in the 1990s and after that as a night club for a while. But in spite of moves to turn it into a Youth Centre or other community leisure facilities, for the last two decades it has remained an eyesore, boarded up and unused.

In 2015 SCDC granted permission for it to be demolished and the site redeveloped. Now a new planning application has gone into the council from a company called North Sea Investments Ltd of Wood Green with the proposal to erect 21 flats with ground floor commercial premises.

Richard Bonshor – Chartered Architects from Bucklesham – are at the moment dealing with the finer details of flood defence requirements – and documents suggest that work could commence in the next few months.

Details of the planning application can be found on the SCDC website

Ref. No: DC/15/0151/FUL | Status: Permitted


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