Review – Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr

Madagascar – A Musical Adventure Jr – Co op Juniors – Seckford Theatre 9/10June

Not many people with young children won’t have seen the Dreamworks’ cartoon about a ship load of zoo animals who escape from a New York Zoo and end up being shipwrecked by a troupe of penguins on Madagascar – but how do you put it on stage?

If you are the Co-op Juniors – rather delightfully is the answer.

Taking the essence of the story – the large, well disciplined company take us through the adventures of Alex the Lion (Anstice Cullingford), Marty the Zebra (Ethan Linsell), Gloria the Hippo (Rhiannon Evans) and  Melman the Giraffe (Isabella Plumb), as they escape from the zoo , get captured and shipped off in crates, and then discover the ship has been taken over by a band of renegade Penguins  who ditch the other animals and head off in the purloined ship determined to fine Antarctica.

Director Thomas Haigh , Musical Director Nigel Virley and Choreographer Kerry Sayer have got the best out of this talented bunch, as they sing and dance their way confidently through the plot. Other highlights were every entrance by the Penguins who got the most out of  the humour, and a lovely turn by Lennon Baldwin as the over the top lemur King Julian.

At only an hour there was just enough time for everybody in the cast to shine. Nobody put a foot wrong and it all ended on a foot tapping high.

A pleasure from start to finish – it left a feel good factor that cheered up my weekend  – it’s just a shame it didn’t get  longer run.

Suzanne Hawkes

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