SCDC Elects Last Chairman

Suffolk Coastal District Council has elected its last Chairman – and it is Councillor Nicky Yeo.

Cllr Yeo, who represents the Nacton and Purdis Farm Ward, will be Chairman until the new East Suffolk Council is formed and a chairman elected in 2019. She takes over the role from Cllr Chris Blundell.

She officially became the district’s first citizen, when she was elected as Chairman of Suffolk Coastal District Council at its Annual Council meeting on Thursday, 24 May 2018.

The Chairman’s role is a largely ceremonial one of representing the district at about 100 formal and less formal public engagements a year. Suffolk Coastal District Council’s Chairman wears a chain of office when carrying out most duties, but does not have any formal robes like many mayors.

Cllr Yeo, who lives near Levington, was first elected to Suffolk Coastal Council in 2015.

Suffolk Coastal is in the process of merging with Waveney to create a new super district, East Suffolk Council, which will come into existence around next year’s local elections (2019). As such, Cllr Yeo will be the last person to hold this post solely for Suffolk Coastal.

“I’m really looking forward to my year in office, particularly as I am fulfilling the role at such a historic time for east Suffolk. As the last Chairman for Suffolk Coastal, I want to make sure I really make a mark, so our chain of office can be retired on a high note,” said Cllr Yeo.

“I am particularly interested in working to bring young people and the elderly together across the District, so will be looking to carry out charitable work which supports young and old working together.”

“I am challenging my colleagues to use their Enabling Communities budgets to engage with people of various ages within the community, with the older generation giving their life’s experience and the younger generation imparting their knowledge of computers and social media.”

“Little things can often make a difference, for instance I recently donated £200 to Nacton Primary School, which was used to buy wildflower seeds, which have been planted throughout the village and brightened up the whole of Nacton for everyone!”

Originally from North West London, Cllr Yeo is married, with two daughters. She is also an animal lover – caring for 3 dogs (one recently adopted from Blue Cross), a cat , 4 tortoises including a 4-month-old baby, a parrot and 6 hens. Before taking up her role with Suffolk Coastal, Cllr Yeo worked in the House of Commons for 12 years and helped to run Douglas Hurd’s leadership campaign in 1990 amongst other things.

The new Vice-Chairman of the Council is Cllr Colin Hedgeley, who represents Woodbridge.







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