Brown Bin Collection – Sign Up Now

If you use your brown bin for garden or food waste and you want to continue to do so – you only have a few weeks left to sign up to SCDC’s new paid scheme.

The first paid-for collections are scheduled to start from the beginning of May, after Suffolk Coastal District Council introduced a £43 a year charge for collecting garden waste this financial year (2018/19).

The new Scheme is optional. However, local people are being reminded that, if they haven’t signed up to the scheme yet, their garden waste will no longer be collected by the Council.

Food waste should now go in your grey bin with all your other non recyclable rubbish.

If you don’t sign up by May –your brown bin will no longer be collected. You can join later in the year if you don’t make the deadline or you change your mind.

If you want to keep your brown bin and use it to plant flowers or keep the dog outside in a waterproof environment – then the council are encouraging you to so do. I would imagine if you don’t want to keep your bin you are probably going to have to contact the council and beg for it to be removed.

To sign up for the paid scheme, either:

Go online at:  You will need to register, or login to, your My Eastsuffolk account and then complete the form for garden waste

Call Customer Services on 01394 383789, and choose option ‘0’

Call in to see Customer Service staff in the Customer Service Centre in Felixstowe and Woodbridge Library 

You will need a debit or credit card to pay. The fee for each bin is £43 for a year (the equivalent of paying about £1.65 per fortnightly collection). Don’t forget to say ‘YES’ to the upgrade  if you want to receive a free, larger (240 litre) green bin for your garden waste (240 litres is the most common wheeled bin size, but the current brown organic waste bins in Suffolk Coastal are 140 litres).

Many people have decided to share a bin and the cost with their neighbours – and apparently this is an option – but you have to organise it between yourselves.

The new, larger green bins are expected to be delivered during the autumn (2018) to those residents who request one and have subscribed to the Garden Waste Scheme.

At this stage, subscribers to the Garden Waste Scheme will be able to continue to put organic domestic waste (such as food waste) in with their garden waste.

If you choose not to join the optional Garden Waste Scheme – another option is spending a bit less money and composting your garden waste.

The Suffolk Waste Partnership, which includes Suffolk Coastal District Council, funds a scheme making home compost bins available at subsidised prices – £8.99 for a 220 litre compost bin or £9.99 for a 330 litre bin.

The scheme also includes subsidies on several composting systems which can deal with some cooked food waste. To order a home compost bin or to see more details, visit: or call 0844 571 4444 quoting SUF 17L.

SCDC are urging local people to: ‘Be kind to the environment and re-purpose your brown bins’.

All households will be invited to keep and re-use any unwanted brown bins if they wish.

Wheeled bins can be put to use in many different ways such as: tool stores, feed stores, water butts and compost bins, to name a few, and there will be other ideas on our website shortly.

(Editor: You couldn’t make it up could you!)

If you don’t want to  keep your old brown bins after the upgrade you can tell SCDC when you subscribe to the Scheme and they will let you know later when to present your unwanted brown bins for them to remove.

You can find more information about the Garden Waste Scheme, composting and re-purposing your old brown bin at



One thought on “Brown Bin Collection – Sign Up Now

  1. SCDC’s claim that it “..protected the ‘free’ collection of garden waste for as long as it could,” and that “… this [charging for green waste] is about us…being able to keep Council Tax increases down to a minimum” is, of course, pure cant; the emptying of brown bins was never free – we paid for it in our (high) Council tax – and levying an additional charge now is purely and simply an increase in that tax. Why does SCDC feel it has to mislead residents like this? And as for ‘inviting’ me to kee’ my brown bin, I remember being charged £95 for it and its companions and since I’m pretty sure the Council had no power to charge for its delivery, I believe it’s mine anyway.


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