Review – Duke’s Comedy Club

Duke’s Comedy Club – The New Wolsey Theatre – Fri 2nd Feb

Once again The New Wolsey have got together four comedians who have all made a name for themselves on the circuits and at Edinburgh – and presented a thoroughly entertaining night of modern comedy that had something for everyone.

The evening was hosted by Lara A King – who is an excellent comic in her own right and immediately relaxed the audience with some wry and easy self deprecating humour that eased us into what was a thoroughly enjoyable experience – unless you were on the front row!

First up was Paul F Taylor ( what is it with comedians and middle initials??) who specialises in a sort of Harry Hill silliness and whimsical mode of delivery which might not be everybody’s cup of tea – but there were some in the audience who thought he was hilarious  – although for me he was probably the weakest act of the night.

However things definitely went up a gear with the delightfully irreverent Carly Smallman who certainly appealed to the women in the audience with her ribald take on internet dating and the disappointment of boyfriends, culminating in a song written especially to denigrate her ex.

Finally we had Pete Firman with his comedy magician routine and who was probably the most famous face of the evening, having appeared on numerous TV shows. He was excellent as he joshed his way through some truly remarkable magic tricks while keeping the audience members on the first row on their toes.

I was sorry I missed out on the pre show curry by being too late in booking up – but the evening itself was a delight and genuinely funny without too many unnecessarily ‘near the knuckle’ jokes  or toilet  humour which for me is often a turn off.

More please!

Suzanne Hawkes

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