Proposed New Beach Hut Site Cause Upset To Windsurfers

SCDC have identified potential sites for 23 new beach huts – but if planning permission is granted 17 of them will impact negatively on Felixstowe’s windsurfing community.

In the long term, Suffolk Coastal District Council, which is the landowner and runs the beach hut and chalet service, hopes to create 100 new sites across the District. They of course are trumpeting the fact that this will give more people access to the ‘beach hut experience’, and there is no doubt that owning a beach hut is in high demand. There used to be over 100 on the old Wireless Green where Martello Park is now situated – and I am sure the loss of these sites was sorely missed. Their other motive is obviously financial giving them a substantial increase in revenue. But given that they lost 20 years in beach hut rents while the evacuated Wireless Green site stood empty – they have a lot of catching up to do.

Yes – new beach huts would be great – but there seems to me plenty of areas the huts could be placed without impacting on established clubs already using the beach.

The first planning applications have been submitted for the consideration of the Planning Committee for 23 new huts in Felixstowe, split between two sites – 17 in The Dip, Cliff Road, and 6 on South Beach.

THE DIP: The Dip proposal is for 17 huts on the piece of land called the boatyard which at the moment is used under license by the windsurfing club and whose members have apparently not been consulted on the proposal.

This is area was previously given planning permission for new beach huts in 2005 but the work was never carried out (so the planning permission has lapsed).

There is a good access to this area from the public highway and the huts will be sited close to the sea front promenade. The huts would be of the same standard size, design and construction as existing huts in the area.

South Beach, Felixstowe: This application is for permission to site 6 new beach huts, next to an existing row of beach huts, known as Pier South.

The site is approximately 150 metres south of the Pier, where there is an existing area of raised beach platform, contained by retaining walls abutting the promenade.

 The application also covers the repair and extension of the existing platform to accommodate the new huts, as well as enhancing and maintaining this area of the resort.

There is good access from the seafront promenade to the wall and hut location. The new huts will be of the same standard size, design and construction as existing huts in this area.

At the moment this is just a proposal from SCDC. Anybody with objections can put these in writing on the council website or contact local town or district councillors about their concerns.

Full details of the applications are on the Public Access planning portal on Suffolk Coastal’s website and open for consultation ahead of being considered by the Planning Committee, see:




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