Review – Morgan & West: Time Travelling Magicians

Morgan & West: Time travelling Magicians – New Wolsey Theatre Saturday 29th October and touring

The enigmatic duo of Rhys Morgan and Rob West don’t want you knowing a lot about their real background. Their personification is Victorian magicians and their website gives no more information other than that they met at Oxford University. So be it. Maybe we don’t need to know them to enjoy their act, which is based on old school magic tricks – cards, coins etc – which are done dextrously well, interspersed with a little light banter. So far so end of the pier.

But it is when they exercise their mind reading skills that they really come into their own, and the whole performance goes up a few notches. Using members of the audience on stage they read correctly their favourite biscuits, their individual fears and at the end had written down a particular page and particular word from a volume of the Harry Potter series that the audience member on stage had picked out.

The boys are certainly skilled – but maybe a little too understated. They have a good rapport but something about their act lacks the ‘wow’ factor.  They would definatly appeal to younger children – and adults who enjoy uncomplicated, good clean fun.  A very pleasant evening – but not sure I would rush back to see them for a second time.

Suzanne Hawkes

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