Student Review – Stalin’s Englishman

Stalin’s Englishman – The Lives of Guy Burgess with Andrew Lownie – New Wolsey Theatre Sunday 1st October

On Sunday evening Andrew Lownie brought his one man show Stalin’s Englishman to the New Wolsey Theatre. Lownie’s show takes the form of an illustrated talk complete with power point graphics, based on his book of the same name.

Lownie takes us through the life and times of Guy Burgess, the lesser known of the famous Cambridge spies, a group of lads who were recruited by the Russian foreign office to be spies in MI5, having been overshadowed in the past by the lives of Anthony Blunt and Kim Philby.

Despite the opening five minutes of technical difficulties Lownie really grabbed the audience with his words and the story that he was presenting. The story was intriguing and fascinating with some great historical points and facts throughout the show. The writer has clearly done some deep and meaningful research.

Lownie displays Burgess as such a fun character with such a great back story and childhood, despite the dark start with the loss of his farther. But towards the end of his book he describes how Burgess had threw away his life after having such an excellent education, with him attending some of the great schools such as Eton and Cambridge University.

Over all I think that Andrew Lownie put on a really, good show with lots of detail and a great question and answer session after the interval. In my opinion I think that it’s a good show to go and watch but some younger viewers you might not understand the jokes and the subject matter is best suited for an older audience.

By Casper Galbraith

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