Student Review – The Ladykillers by Graham Linehan

Student Review – The Lady Killers by Graham Linehan – New Wolsey Theatre until Sat 30th Sept

I would like to thank the director and producers and everyone back stage for putting on a spectacular performance that we won’t be forgetting for a while.

First of all the stage set up throughout the show with the light and fog was a truly  amazing, and the way the set of a house  could pack itself up and revolve was exceptional. Inside the set there was two main levels: the kitchen/dining/lounge and the spare bedroom up stairs and lighting was used to perfection to show when the downstairs area of the set was being used and the upstairs was being used. There was no way of being confused on who the audience was meant to be focusing on.

Another thing that really caught our attention was how well the sound effects fitted the action and helped enhance the enjoyment of the whole piece.

One thing that really stood out was the robbery scene. Even though we don’t see the robbery happen, we know exactly what was happening with the big map of Kings Cross and the lights on top of model vans that also coordinated with the music at times to show where the characters were going and what exactly they were doing.

Stunts are very hard to get right especially death scenes and fight scenes, but I thought that they really took it to a new level with perfect choreography and some exceptional acting. It is also hard to turn a film into a play but yet again the New Wolsey theatre didn’t let us down, with almost identical plot and story to the film.

I would definitely say that this is a play that a mature age group could watch, with jokes that people could understand and chuckle along to, despite there being some dark and almost sinister scenes in it. All in it’s funny, witty, exciting with plenty of laughs and some performances of a life time. A must see show by a brilliant cast and production team.

Casper Galbraith – East Bergholt High School

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