Counsil Proposals Set To End Free Parking In Felixstowe

With the continual cut backs in our police service there has inevitably been knock on effects in certain areas – and one of these could see the end of free car parks across east Suffolk – with council officials needing to raise £240,000 a year to offset the cost of taking on enforcement of yellow lines from the police.

Suffolk Coastal, which along with other councils across the county, will take on the role in two years’ time, but need to raise around £240,000 per year. in order to set up a parking warden service and administer on street parking violations.

SCDC is proposing to raise this revenue by starting charges at what are now free car parks and raising ticket prices at others, as well as extending off-street car parks.

In Felixstowe, this will mean pay and display machines for Landguard Fort and the Port Viewing Area car parks – two of the town’s most popular, Eastwood Ho, Garrison Lane and Manor Terrace and the uncharged short stay spaces in Highfield Road and Crescent Road car parks.

In Aldeburgh, pay and display tariffs would be imposed at Slaughden Road, quay and sea wall once land ownership is clarified.

Changes are also being considered in Framlingham, including creating a 70-space extension to The Elms car park and introduction of a Residents Parking Zone for Castle Street, Church Street, Double Street and Fore Street with householders buying permits, the first such scheme in the district.

In Woodbridge, there is the opportunity to redevelop land at The Avenue for extra parking and improve capacity at the Station site, and further revenue could be gained at Darsham railway station, where there are plans to develop a new car park.

Consultation is being planned initially with local councils and business associations.


One thought on “Counsil Proposals Set To End Free Parking In Felixstowe

  1. So who are going to. Onitor all of these car parks, to ensure that parking payments have been made. Surely you have to employ a company and or your own staff?


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