Beach Ban Of Dogs Under Review

There has always been a lot of strong feeling in Felixstowe as to whether dogs should be banned from the beach during the summer. Dog owners of course feel they are responsible and if they clear up behind their pooch there shouldn’t be a problem sharing the beach with families and day trippers. But there are always some irresponsible owners – and families with children … Continue reading Beach Ban Of Dogs Under Review

Suffolk County Council – Election Results

Yesterday saw the election for seats to County councils for the next four years and for our county results were similar  as those throughout the whole of the UK in that UKIP votes evaporated and most of the gains went to the Conservatives with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats losing out. Suffolk saw the Conservatives take 52 of the 75 seats available on the … Continue reading Suffolk County Council – Election Results

Suffolk Armed Forces Weekend Looking For Volunteers

A celebratory event to show appreciation of the work of the Armed Forces is to be held in Felixstowe this year on Saturday 24th June and Sunday 25th June. 2017 marks the 350th anniversary of the Dutch attack on Landguard Fort in Felixstowe and to mark the occasion, and to recognise the huge contribution made by our servicemen and women from the past until the … Continue reading Suffolk Armed Forces Weekend Looking For Volunteers

What’s On Stage in Felixstowe – May 2017

As Spring gets underway – there’s plenty of entertainment to enjoy in Felixstowe. On Saturday 6th from 6pm – 8pm in Felixstowe Library – Meet the Author: Ruth Dugdall. Local author of ‘The Woman Before Me’ and ‘Humber Boy B’, Ruth Dugdale, will be launching her new novel, ‘My Sister and Other Liars’. No need to book, just turn up. Admission free. Also on Saturday … Continue reading What’s On Stage in Felixstowe – May 2017

Review – Northanger Abbey

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austin adapted by Tim Luscombe – New Wolsey Theatre till Saturday then touring Classic novels – especially Jane Austin – are hard to successfully adapt for the stage. There is inevitably a surfeit of characters, nothing much happens in terms of major events, and they cover a wide landscape. However Tim Luscombe is a past master, having adapted not one but … Continue reading Review – Northanger Abbey

Suffolk County Council Elections Thursday 4th May

Its your chance to VOTE and have your say in how our county is run. If you don’t vote you can’t moan about the way the Council makes decisions. If you do vote you could make a difference and swing the balance of power. The turnout in Felixstowe in the 2013 elections was 32% – there is room for a swing if the 68% of … Continue reading Suffolk County Council Elections Thursday 4th May

Review – Imbalance

Imbalance – Joli Vyann – New Wolsey Theatre Sunday and touring The New Wolsey continues to bring to the table innovative and extraordinary shows that are not main stream – but deserve a wider audience. Joli Vyann are described as a dance/circus/acrobatic fusion company whose two founding members – Jan Patzke and Olivia Quayle – have many years experience between them training and working with … Continue reading Review – Imbalance