Student Review – Our Man In Havana

OUR MAN IN HAVANA – written by Graham Greene and performed by Creative Cow Productions. Adapted for the stage by Clive Francis. Performed from 23rd to 27th May

‘Our Man in Havana’ is set in the city Havana, a place of pleasure and also devious crimes. It explores the secret services and the British Intelligence when one of their agents, who was originally a humble Vacuum cleaner salesman, starts to go down a dark road in which there is no turning back. In an unfortunate event that involves a man’s death, the agent begins to release what he has done.

It was really interesting to watch Wormold, portrayed by Charles Davies, develop as a character, going from a small, anxious Vacuum cleaner salesman to a cryptic and mischievous killer. Isla Carter was also a fantastic addition as she smoothly went straight from a quirky teenager to a mature secretary. She was fantastic at delivering an accent since it was both believable and realistic. James Dinsmore was another great addition but for me personally, I struggled to tell when he was what character. This was mainly due to the small costume changes but the different accents made it easier to tell the difference between each other. Michael Onslow was excellent at transitioning between roles. However, even though there was quite a contrast between each character and all the costumes looked like they belonged in the set time period, again, it was a little difficult to tell which character was which.

The lighting helped the audience tell when we were outside (by using a warm yellow colour) and when we were inside (by using a cool blue colour). It also helped build upon an atmosphere even though there were a lot of lighting changes. Because of the little props and minimalistic set, it was hard to tell where you were as the desk prop was seen in many places. It was more clear as the performance moved along and you understood more. All the transitions between scenes were smooth and didn’t distract you from the plot. The arches upstage fit with the tropical feel of the play.

In conclusion, I did very much enjoy the performance but for younger age groups such as mine, it was a bit of a struggle to follow along at the start as we were all over the place. However the targeted audience seemed to enjoy it and thought it was excellent.

Performance contains gun shots and strong language.

By Louise Hosking



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