Suffolk County Council – Election Results

Yesterday saw the election for seats to County councils for the next four years and for our county results were similar  as those throughout the whole of the UK in that UKIP votes evaporated and most of the gains went to the Conservatives with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats losing out.

Suffolk saw the Conservatives take 52 of the 75 seats available on the County Council.

UKIP were left with no seats at all after previously having nine. Labour lost four seats and the Lib Dems lost three. The Greens picked up one new seat and there are now four independents on the council.

In Felixstowe the results were as follows:

Felixstowe Coastal

Elected Graham Newman – Conservative – 3,198

Elected Steve Wiles – Conservative – 3,018

Other Results

Margret Morris – Labour – 1,038

Corrine Franklin – Labour – 1,036

Seamus Bennett – Lib Dems – 1,028

Jan Candy – Lib Dems – 754

Keith Phair – UKIP – 727

Kay Lyndle – Greens – 403

Aiden Semmens – Greens – 230

Turnout 37%

Felixstowe North & Trimley

Elected – Stuart Bird – Conservative – 1,295

Other Results

Dave Ablitt – Labour – 692

David Coults – UKIP – 306

Andrew Marfleet – Lib Dems – 235

Jonathon Mulbery – Greens – 106

Turnout 34.7%

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