Review – Imbalance

Imbalance – Joli Vyann – New Wolsey Theatre Sunday and touring

The New Wolsey continues to bring to the table innovative and extraordinary shows that are not main stream – but deserve a wider audience.

Joli Vyann are described as a dance/circus/acrobatic fusion company whose two founding members – Jan Patzke and Olivia Quayle – have many years experience between them training and working with dance and circus skills companies both nationally and internationally.

This is their second indoor show – and it is partly autographical as the early days of their relationship was conducted via the internet and skype. In ‘Imbalance’ they wanted to look at the role modern technology plays in our lives – not only the intrusion into personal relationships but its effects on communication with colleagues in the workplace and amongst young people in cyber bullying on social media.

This was a show that was mesmerising to watch from the outset. Working with acclaimed choreographer Jonathan Lunn they have created a performance that mixes the best of contemporary dance and acrobatic skills to create an amazing piece of theatre that weaved the story of two people’s relationship within the office and the home that technology had become an integral part of their lives.

Due to the an incredible heavy workload of running and performing in a touring dance company Olivia Quayle has developed adrenal fatigue and had been replaced on this tour by Maelie Palomo, a young artist from Switzerland. She got off to a bit of a shaky start – but once into their stride they both performed beautifully in tune with each other that was a joy to watch.

Exceptional skill within an evening of mesmerising entertainment, well done to the New Wolsey for continuing to bring us these amazing shows.

Suzanne Hawkes

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