Walton Green North – Landowner Wants to Cut Affordable Homes Provision

As housing development continues apace in Walton and Trimley, there seems to be no end to the greed of Trinity College, Cambridge  as they seek to make as much money as possible out of the land.

Walton Green North – previously earmarked for a Tescos superstore which was refused – is in the spotlight again as the landowners want to halve the amount of affordable housing they are required to build as part of a new 385-home estate proposed.

Under current policy, they are required to provide one-third of the homes – 127 – as affordable, but the landowners say this is not viable and wants to reduce it to 17% of the total properties.

Council officers have examined confidential documents outlining the cost of building the development at Walton Green North, in Walton High Street, and the profit which would be generated and, having taken expert independent advice, have ruled that although 127 is maybe too high it should only be reduced down to 119 units.

In a report, planning case officer Liz Beighton said: “The council agrees with the applicant that at the policy requirement level of on site affordable housing the scheme is indeed unviable.

“The council, however, disagrees with the applicant over the level of affordable housing that can be accommodated, concluding that the scheme can provide 119 units on site, which amounts to 30.9% on site provision.

“The planning committee will note that this is a significant difference between both parties. The applicants have been advised of the council’s findings, however have not sought to deviate from their initial stated position.”

The committee will meet on Monday, April 24th, to consider the position – and are being recommended to approve the development with a legal agreement to secure 119 affordable homes.

The developers, who already have permission for 190 homes on Walton Green South on the other side of the High Street, will also be asked to contribute a sum towards a new primary school and pre-school for the area.

The current scheme includes a new park and other public open space between Walton High Street and Candlet Road, and conversion of stables to business units.


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