Student Review – The Wedding by Geko

‘THE WEDDING’ by Gecko at The New Wolsey Theatre on Thursday the 20th to Saturday 22nd April 2017

‘The Wedding’ is a beautifully creative physical theatre piece that explores the ‘complexities of human nature’. Using stunning wedding dresses for each character whether male or female, it depicts how we are all married to one thing: Society. It was entwined with detailed metaphors that allowed the audience to interpret what they wanted. Will it ever be too late to go back to our childhood before we are overwhelmed by the working life?

All the dancers were elegant but each routine was a mixture of fluid and harsh movements which enhanced the routine. They also effectively showed a difference between one particular character and the rest by her movements being different and her facial expressions also showing her desperation to go home. It was a clever idea to have her speak a different language as it helped her stand out.

The character that originally came out of the suitcase had brilliant characterisation and was hilariously funny when we first met him. He split the serious tone of the performance up and added a splash of humour. There was a few moments where a character had to mouth along to a recording of them speaking that was played through a speaker and they were a little out of time.

The lighting was really effective. It would only highlight part of their face with lights from beneath and above which looked so eerie. It was a little distracting having the lights on a rod attached to their dresses because of how far they stuck out. But there’s not many ways you could highlight their face from underneath so I understand why they did it.

The red lighting in a routine near the finale helped intensify the moment and made the scene incredibly powerful. There was one scene where unfortunately it seemed a light that highlighted a character was switched off too soon. This was the final moment in the show before a final blackout. It was a little bit of shame but, it was nothing major and they played along with it.

The sound and music was also well executed since you got the impression something was moving around the room. It also helped give a sense of you being outside the room. The props all fit ted together well but during the scene changes there was a little background noise and awkward movement when they were moving things off and on stage.

I really enjoyed this wonderfully different performance by Gecko. I thought it was really intriguing to see how each character progressed through out the performance and how society had changed them. All the metaphors within the performance were interesting and did get you to think. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes something different from the conventional performances.

Louise Hosking – Student East Bergholt High school

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