Student Review – The Who’s Tommy

The Who’s Tommy – Based on songs by The Who, music and lyrics by Pete Townshend – New Wolsey Theatre 30th March – 15th April.

Tommy is based on the music written and sung by The Who. The music tells the story of a boy who grew up knowing his father was murdered. This affects Tommy by him becoming mute and not being able to free himself from it. He then finds himself immersed into a game of pinball which helps Tommy to feel at one with himself.

During the musical, the songs were incorporated to help explain the events and emotions the characters felt.

The cast was a mixture of deaf, dumb, blind, disabled and non-disabled performers. The whole musical was relayed to the audience and other performers in sign language. The band played instruments at the back of the stage and performers came on to the stage with instruments. People in wheelchairs and the blind still got the chance to be involved in the dancing

The lead character Tommy who is disabled was played accurately by William Grint. Working well with Max Runham who played Captain Walker, his father, and during the play you could feel the emotion they were trying to pursue.

Shekinah McFarlane played of the voice of Nora and her voice was breath-taking and out shone the rest. She put her heart and soul into the performance and made what she was singing believable and understanding. As well as singing she included sign language to enable the deaf.

The lighting and stage equipment were well incorporated into the play and helped the overall look of the musical.

Overall the musical is more suitable to older viewers as it can get quite challenging to understand and follow. If the audience are not aware of the songs or the band “The Who “ they may find it harder to understand what the whole musical is about.

Holie Carr



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