Suffolk Coastal To Hold ‘Give and Take Day’

SCDC is holding a ‘Give & Take Day’ on Wednesday 19th April at the Royal British Legion at Mill Lane, Felixstowe, IP11 2NL.

The idea is that you can bring good quality unwanted household items to be given away for someone else to enjoy and/or take something you want instead.

You can bring small electrical items (such as kettles, vacuum cleaners, TVs, irons and tools), furniture (with attached fire label if upholstered), bicycles, textiles (but not pillows, cushions, duvets or carpets), books, toys and complete board games.

All items need to be in good condition. Electrical items will be PAT safety tested before being placed out for reuse.

On the day there will be 9am – 11am drop off only slot. From 11am – 3pm you can drop off and collect items

This event is for households only, not businesses. There will be a limit to the number and size of items each individual can drop off or take away with them.

The event has been organised by Suffolk Coastal Norse, Suffolk Coastal District Council, the East Suffolk Greenprint Forum, and the Suffolk Waste Partnership. It aims to help prevent items being thrown away in the first place to reduce the amount we end up sending to the Energy from Waste site every year. It also provides an opportunity to pick something you need or want up for free and without needing to buy it new.

The event is being supported by the Ipswich Furniture Project, who will be carrying out PAT testing to ensure the safety of any electrical items donated, The Royal British Legion and the Basic Life Charity.

Anything that hasn’t found a new owner by the end of the day will be given to the Ipswich Furniture Project and the Basic Life Charity.

 Things you need to know:

    • The event is for materials from households, not businesses. If your items can fit in a family car, then we can take them.
    • A limited number of items can be taken away per person.
    • Items not reused locally will be donated to local charitable projects.

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