Two New Housing Developments Given Green Light

Suffolk Coastal councillors have given approval for the 98 new homes between The Josselyns and Thurmans Lane, Trimley St Mary, despite huge opposition from villagers worried about traffic, loss of farmland, over-stretched health services, a paucity of shops, and not enough school places.

Bloor Homes is undertaking the development, which will be known as Thurmans Grove. It will include a new access road off The Josselyns, 32 affordable homes and 1.47 acres of open space.

Bloor will also provide £340,950 for local infrastructure under the Community Infrastructure Levy. They estimated the project will deliver an injection of £3.5 million into the local economy and that construction is expected to create 127 jobs but these of course will only be temporary – and where they get their investment figure from is beyond me.

Andrew Marns, regional managing director for Bloor Homes Eastern, said: “Our Thurmans Grove development will provide a range of much-needed high quality homes to meet local demand, as well as delivering a significant boost to the local economy and investment in local infrastructure.

“The homes at Thurmans Grove have been carefully designed to blend in sympathetically with their surroundings, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to the development when the sales office opens in the spring. Until then, appointments can be made to discuss our new homes in Trimley St Mary at our Mill Heath, Martlesham, sales office.”

Meanwhile a 12 acre site in Ferry Rd with a development of 198 homes is also expected to be given the go ahead by SCDC in spite of years of protests.

Objectors’ main concerns is the destruction of an AONB with the inclusion in the development of five blocks of three-storey flats, which they claim will be visible across the open countryside and the River Deben.

The AONB team said it was concerned that the proposed three-storey buildings “will appear incongruous to their surroundings and will be visible from within the AONB”.

However, planning case officer Liz Beighton said the buildings were located centrally in the site, and away from sensitive boundaries to the AONB, and would not be “unduly prominent”.

She said: “They will also add relief to the scheme and punctuate slightly the skyline which adds relief and interest. Whilst the concerns are noted, on balance officers do not believe that the inclusion of three storey blocks within the site result in such a harmful impact which would make the development unacceptable when balanced against the benefits that would ensue.”

Officers felt the project would be “a high quality attractive development”, providing a mix of market and affordable housing.

There would be a new public open space, linked to existing housing areas by footpaths, with play equipment. The development offered landscaping benefits, and amendments had been secured to realign a public footpath across the land.

Developer Generator Optima said the project would make “a positive contribution to the regeneration of this part of Felixstowe” – but what do they know! This part of Felixstowe is a beautiful unspoilt area and didn’t need regeneration – and certainly not a great huge estate of houses.

The company will be contributing £470,000 to pre-school and primary education and £165,000 towards off-site sports improvements, plus work to widen Ferry Road.


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