Winter Fuel Appeal On Target

Over 600 Suffolk people have so far donated all or part of their government winter fuel payment to this year’s Surviving Winter appeal administrated by Suffolk Community Foundation. The fundraising total now stands at an amazing £95,000 with a further £25,000 still to be raised to reach the target of £120,000.

Financial support has already been distributed via their brand new partnership with the teams at Citizens Advice offices across Suffolk. They have been working tirelessly to support urgent requests from hundreds of older vulnerable people in Suffolk. They are less than half way through their anticipated period of grants distribution and have already awarded support to heat almost 300 homes right across the county.

They have many more applications still arriving with them. Requests for assistance have been higher than expected thus far and they anticipate they may well need to support more than the 600 households they had budgeted for in this year’s campaign. They are going to need to reach at least their £120K target, so please do support them if you can, details below.

The Surviving Winter Team at Citizen’s Advice have also uncovered an estimated £1M in additional financial support through unclaimed benefits (and that’s just for those who have already applied for Surviving Winter assistance so far during this campaign). Their other partner is Warmer Homes Healthy People (funded by Public Health) and they are currently looking at over 50 referrals from the campaign to provide improvements in living conditions. This is all about ensuring that the heat we are providing stays where it needs to…inside the home!

If you are able, please do step up and support them to raise the additional £25,000 that they need to reach this year’s target. Likewise, if you know an older person that might be in need of their help, please do not hesitate to share the news that support is available. All the contacts you need are detailed below.

To donate:
Donate by card by calling 01473 602602
Donate online at
Complete this form to donate by cheque

For grant assistance:
If you are aged over the age of 63 please contact Citizens Advice Bureau on 01473 219770 or email



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