Realisation Of Massive Business Park At Kirton Moves Closer

Proposals for a massive business park in Kirton, which was originally put forward in 2009 and opposed again in 2012, has raised its head again with landowners Trinity College, Cambridge submitting an outline planning proposal to SCDC entitled ‘Proposed Scoping Opinion for proposed logistics facility’  for the development on the Innocence Farm site.

The Port of Felixstowe has been looking for more land to expand onto but this site is five miles from the Port and the impact from lorries, congestion and other traffic is too awful to contemplate.

The 300 acre site between the A14 and Innocence Lane Trimley St Martin will feature:

10 buildings forming a large scale logistics park occupying the entire extent of Innocence Farm, bounded by Kirton Rd, Innocence Lane, Croft Lane & A14.  Landscaped earth bunds are proposed, to reduce the impact on nearby residents.

Up to 3,200 HGVs per day – initial access via A14/Croft Lane, with an underpass to be provided for westward traffic at an undisclosed future date

Up to 600 cars – access via A14/Kirton Road, via new roundabout only yards away from Trimley St Martin primary school .

The Parish Council are intending to oppose this application vigorously but you can have your say too. The planning application is viewable on the SCDC planning web site.  Click to view Bidwells’ Proposal Document.

The closing date for comments is 26th Jan.

The PC objection will focus their opposition on:

Unused existing brown-field sites in the Port area

Unjustified and unrealistic land demand profile

Traffic congestion and associated impact on the village community and associated establishments.


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