New Homes Approved For Felixstowe and Leiston – But Turned Down For Woodbridge!

Approval has finally been granted to Trinity College, Cambridge to develop the Walton Green site – with a 385 house development between Walton High St and Candlet Rd opposite a site already approved for 190 homes beside the Felixstowe Academy.

Opposition groups had fought a long battle to try and prevent a Tesco on the site – but that win has not prevented this development from going ahead, eroding the greenfield land separating Walton from both Felixstowe and Trimley.

Planners have told Trinity College they need to contribute a substantial sum to a new primary school and have asked that both the Rifle Club move to a new base, and a new link road, need to be completed before building takes place. However – although originally they were told they needed to include affordable homes in the mix –  the developers seem to have managed to wriggle out of this requirement.

There is still an outstanding inquiry into a proposed development of 560 houses off Gulpher Road.

SCDC based in Woodbridge have also given the go ahead for a three site development totalling 364 houses in Leiston in spite of concerns from the local council calling it ‘unsustainable over provision’.

However – it turned down an application for a development on the fringes of Woodbridge of 215 homes at the back of Dukes Park – and an application for 140 homes in Martlesham.

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