Vandalism Again At Skate Park Leaves Lighting Unsafe

The lighting system at Felixstowe’s skate park on Orwell Green has been vandalised leaving the site unsafe to use in the evenings.

The Town Council had been advised that an electrician from Suffolk Coastal Norse had attended the skate park site to adjust the time clocks to winter hours.  On inspection it was found that the electric box has suffered damage caused by vandalism.  It appears that individuals have been jumping on the electric box, which is secured to the lighting column, causing the supply cable to stretch and break.

Clearly this is extremely dangerous.

The electricity supply has now been isolated, meaning that the site is safe for users during daylight hours. However, the extent of the damage means that the lighting system for the whole site will need to be replaced.

We are therefore strongly advising that skate park users take care of this site and to pass on this message to discourage further vandalism. Anyone witnessing vandalism on this, or any other site, should report it to the police.

Editor comment:  It is very sad that after years of campaigning for a facility there are elements of the community that only see it as a place to abuse rather than enjoy. As far back as 2008 residents of the area spoke of their fears that if a skate park was put in place at Orwell Green the vandalism already happening would increase. It seems they were right. It is also a huge and unnecessary expense to the tax payer to keep making such costly repairs.

Cllr Steve Gallant, Cabinet Member for Community Health and Suffolk Coastal Community Safety Partnership Chair, said: “This is now becoming an issue every year at the skate park.

“It’s sad to see that this is happening time and time again, making the popular site inaccessible and unsafe in the darker evenings.

“The work to repair the skate park will unfortunately mean that the whole site will have to be closed in the future to make the necessary repairs.

“I want to appeal to the majority of responsible users of the skate park to look after this space and make us aware of issues before they become a problem.”



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