Have Your Say on Proposed Councils Merger

Many local people in Felixstowe already feel they get a fairly raw deal from a council who are based in Woodbridge and can see no further down the coast. SCDC are now proposing to merge with Waveney to create an even bigger district – does this mean the needs of the biggest town in the area will once be in danger of being overlooked at best and sidelined at worst?

 Local people are being urged to have their say on plans to create a new district council for east Suffolk, before the deadline for submitting comments expires on December 12th.

Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils are currently considering proposals to merge into a new ‘super district’ council – delivering services to communities across all of east Suffolk.

The decision on whether to support these plans will be taken by the Councils in January 2017. However, before they make that decision, both Councils say are keen to hear the views of as many local people as possible.

Although the council has already commissioned a survey only 500 people in a population of 125,000 were asked their views!

If this is democracy I am a duck egg!

Of these, a majority of respondents (57%) expressed a favourable view about the proposals, with 22% giving an unfavourable view and 20% saying ‘don’t know’.

However, this favourable figure increased when respondents were provided with more information about the plans, with seven out of ten then expressing a favourable view (72%).

For full details of the telephone survey, including all the results and analysis, please see:



DO NOT LET THE COUNCIL GET AWAY WITH CONDUCTING SUCH A PATHETIC SURVEY and then maintaining this is the will of the people!

You can have your say on the proposals directly to the councils.

 They are asking people living within the two districts to tell them what they think, as part of an engagement campaign which runs until midnight on Monday, 12 December. Residents are invited to read the proposal summary and email their views about the plans

In a joint statement, the Leaders of both councils – Cllr Ray Herring, Leader of Suffolk Coastal, and Cllr Colin Law, Leader of Waveney – said: “This is a historic decision for the people of east Suffolk, so it is important they have their say.

“Suffolk Coastal and Waveney have been successfully working in partnership to streamline our services and keep our operating costs down since 2010. We believe this move to create a new single district council to cover all of east Suffolk is the next logical step in our partnership, and is essential if we are to keep council tax down and protect frontline services.

“The results of the telephone survey were very encouraging. They showed that a significant number of people were aware of the proposed merger and were supportive of our plans. Also, what was particularly heartening is that those who were unsure of the proposals were positive about them, once they had received more information about them.

“This shows how important it is that people fully understand the proposals and that we engage with our communities about our plans, before any decision is made.
“This is a big step for us, so we want to hear the views and opinions of as many people as possible. We would urge people to read the proposals and have their say before the deadline expires on 12 December.”

Information about the proposals is within the councils’ magazines, Coastline and In Touch, which went to homes in both districts in November. They are also on the east Suffolk website: www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/new-single-council

Read about the proposals here: http://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/assets/Your-Council/Merger-summary-FINAL.pdf

Then have your say at: merger@eastsuffolk.gov.uk

ComRes interviewed 1,000 adults aged 18+ living in Waveney District or Suffolk Coastal District Council areas by telephone between the 3rd and 14th October 2016.

Quotas were set to ensure 500 adults were surveyed in each Council area, and data were weighted to be representative of all adults living in Waveney and Suffolk Coastal District council areas by age, gender, council area, socio-economic grade (SEG) and ethnicity.

Quotas were also set to ensure a good spread of responses by individual council ward and economic status (economically active/inactive).

ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full data tables are available on the ComRes website: www.comresglobal.com.


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