Student Reviews – The Twits

THE TWITS by Roahl Dahl – adapted for the stage by David Wood and performed by The New Wolsey Youth Theatre

Derived straight from Roahl Dahl’s classic book ,’The Twits’, watch as the New Wolsey Studio brings the characters to life as if they have just launched out of the book. With humour embedded everywhere and interaction with the audience, this show is brilliant for younger children and is bound to make you smile.

Roahl Dahl is a children’s book author who creates simple and easy to read books with fantastic illustrations by Quentin Blake. The foul and smelly Twits adore playing pranks on each other. Mr Twit soon has the bizarre idea of creating a Circus and the poor Muggle-Wumps (a family of monkeys) are taken out of their happy home and shoved into a cage with undignified clothing for far too long. So they come up with a very mischievous plan to get revenge!

Bethany O’Halloran’s portrayal of Mrs. Twit was wonderful! She was very believable and did act like an older lady and you couldn’t tell she was far younger than her character. Her little cackle was a nice touch and the kids did seem to find it funny. Unfortunately in one of her scenes, her wig was slipping back a little and you could see the bald cap. But this wasn’t as bad as if the wig actually fell off!  However, I felt Mr. Twit (Fred Double) wasn’t as well executed. His delivery of lines were great but his exaggerate movements didn’t quite add up with what Mr. Twit’s age was.

The Roly-Poly bird (Nancy Doubledee) was great for the kids. Her costume was wonderful even though she must have been very hot with all the stage lights on her! I did also like the exaggerated movement from the Narrator (Jonathan Stammers).

I thought the idea of the scenes in a box was fantastic! The scene changes were very smooth and the actual illustrations did look like Quentin Blake’s style which I thought was a great touch. The scene with the toad in the bed was also very funny but, the toad fell out of the bed while the sheets were being moved and it did look a little odd and the prop was awkwardly picked up and put back in the bed, but the show went on.

The lighting was also very good. The music was keeping in with the play and worked well with scenes especially when the actors were moving in time with the music.

Overall, I did actually enjoy the show but, its probably aimed at younger children. The children did seem to really enjoy it and the interaction with the audience was well executed. With pranks and monkeys, this show was well done and I did find it quite good.

By Louise Hosking – East Bergholt High School

The Twits- By Roald Dahl adapted for the stage by David Wood. – New Wolsey Youth Theatre

Directed by- Sian Thomas

This very comical play is set in a little caravan in the middle of nowhere where Mr and Mrs Twit together live very uneventful lives. However, on a day to day basis they get great joy out of pranking each other.

Fred Double excellently portrays Mr Twit as you would imagine him, very hunched over and very badly spoken. Bethany O’Halloran also does a great job of playing old, ugly Mrs Twit with a glass eye. Throughout the play each prank was very well thought out and was done with great effects.

In terms of the scene changes they were very smooth transactions. There was great use of two cubes, each side showing a different scene or a different perspective on the same place. The set was also very colourful which was very effective and eye catching.

Good use of lighting singling out certain people at times was effective.

This play was very child friendly – good use of over exaggerated movements and interaction with the audience and colourful set and costumes . There was an element of panto involved. It was also very relatable for people who have read the book as lines were taken straight from the pages of the story.

There isn’t a lot to criticize. There was a slight costume and prop malfunction but this was dealt with well.  The only factor of the performance which was inappropriate I feel was the timing. As it is aimed for such a young audience I didn’t agree with it ending at 9 ish.

Overall I really enjoyed the performance and there was great music and sound effects to balance against the really good acting. The use of narrator was very effective and gave the play a good backbone. Would definitely recommended this to a younger audience 4-13.

Katie- may Harper – East Bergholt High School  


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