Review – The Twits by Roald Dahl

The Twits by Roald Dahl adapted by David Wood – New Wolsey Youth – New Wolsey Studio till Saturday

There was a recent adaptation of this Dahl short story at the Royal Court which received rather scathing reviews. This is the more child friendly David Wood version and with a talented young cast of fourteen ranging from ages 12 – 17 years, The New Wolsey youth bring to life this fantastical story of Mr & Mrs Twit and their attempts to capture and train their own monkey circus.

In The New Wolsey studio the stage is dominated by two large cubes which spin round to easily set the scenes for the inside of the Twits caravan, the jungle, the monkey cage etc. Director Sian Thomas has made sure that the whole play is fast moving and very child accessible with audience participation at various times led by members of the cast – and sounds effects made on stage rather than piped through loud speakers.

Fred Double and Bethany O’Halloran are brilliant as the two lead characters – you can almost smell Mr Twits beard,  and see the hairs on Mrs Twits chin spring to life.  They are a great team – and their characterisation is spot on. The monkeys are sufficiently agile, and Nancy Doubledee as the Roly Poly bird is an especial delight. Jonathan Stammers as the Narrator confidentially holds it all together in the role of circus ring master.

Suitable for adults and children alike, this is an evening of pure entertainment in the company of some very fine up and coming young performers – none of whom put a foot wrong.

Unfortunately this run is totally sold out – but if you can get on the waiting list I would make the effort to do so – you would not be disappointed.

Suzanne Hawkes


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