Review- The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman – Trademark Touring and Watermill Theatre Production – New Wolsey Theatre till Saturday As we remember the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme this year, where 420,000 British troops lost their lives to advance just a few hundred yards – it is fitting to be once again reminded of the extraordinary young men … Continue reading Review- The Wipers Times

Review – The 22nd Aldeburgh Documentary Festival

A weekend of documentary delights – a smorgasbord of filmatic treats – an extravaganza of celebrity presenters. The Aldeburgh Documentary Festival is a must for those that are serious consumers and/or practitioners of films about the world in which we live and those who work and play within it. I’ve been attending for the last five years and it’s not something I would willingly miss. Facilitated … Continue reading Review – The 22nd Aldeburgh Documentary Festival

Review – Jumpy by April de Angelis – Up Front Productions

Jumpy by April de Angelis – Up Front Productions – Sir John Mills Theatre till Saturday Jumpy premiered at the Royal Court in London in 2011 staring Tamsin Grieg in the title role and transferred to the West End after that. It’s a play that for all its modern pretentions actually follows a well trodden path looking at the problems of being a middle aged … Continue reading Review – Jumpy by April de Angelis – Up Front Productions

By-Election for Felixstowe South Ward

On Thursday 10th November there is to be a by-election for Felixstowe South Ward due to the resignation of Conservative Councillor Josh Varton who has moved to Ipswich. Three candidates are standing – but you would be hard pressed to find out anything on line about two of them. The three candidates are Gerry Hughes for the Lib Dems, David Rowe for Labour and Mark … Continue reading By-Election for Felixstowe South Ward

Review – Pride and Prejudice

Review – Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin – Two Bit Classics – New Wolsey Theatre till Wednesday and touring Jane Austin was a very witty writer whose wry observations of her life and times make for engaging reading – but for today’s consumer her books can be hard work as she picks through the nuances of her society’s mores and customs. Although her world … Continue reading Review – Pride and Prejudice