Suffolk Community Foundation Launch Surviving Winter Appeal

Suffolk Community Foundation are once again urging those who can afford it to donate their winter fuel allowance to the most needy and vulnerable of our elderly population.

Everybody of retirement age is entitled to the winter fuel allowance – whether they are comfortably off with a good pension provision or living on the bread line. In the 2015/16 campaign an astounding £110,000 was raised by continuing to ask a simple question of those in receipt of a non-means tested Winter Fuel Allowance – ˜If you don’t need it, please could you donate it to somebody who does?”

Suffolk Community Foundation was able to support more than 500 older and vulnerable households right across Suffolk – an increase of over 100 households from the previous year, and Suffolk’s support topped the leader board of a national community foundation campaign.

For their sixth annual campaign, they are welcoming two new partners, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Warm Homes Healthy People, to help them distribute grants to older people most in need across Suffolk.

Even if you are nor in receipt of the winter fuel allowance you can also join in and donate whatever you can to help older people keep warm this winter. If you would like to donate this year, there are a number of ways to do so:

For more information, please visit

Or contact Tim Holder, Development Director at the Foundation at or on 01473 786916

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