New Conservative Councillor Elected For Felixstowe South Ward

On 10th November there was a very muted by election in the south ward of Felixstowe for a seat on the Town Council vacated by Josh Varten (Conservative).  The turnout was a pathetic 18.5 %  – and many I spoke to didn’t realise the vote was even happening or had forgotten.

Three candidates stood – but only one had put anything on line about themselves and their views. However – in spite of no one much knowing who he was the Conservative candidate still managed to get elected.

The results were:

Gez Hughes (Lib Dem)                 222

David Rowe ( Labour)                    228

Mark Jepson (Conservative)       494

It is a great pity that local council elections have to have anything to do with party politics. In my view they should be contested by independents on individual merits alone and their track record in their own community.

Anyway – here is a profile of Mark Jepson that is now on the Town Council website. Although he seems to have spent his time anywhere but Felixstowe, let’s hope he now has a vision for the  town and its community.

Address: 26 Quilter Road FELIXSTOWE IP11 7JJ

Phone 01394 278622


Mark has lived in Felixstowe for the last 9 years with his wife, two sons and step daughter. In 2011 he retired from the Suffolk Constabulary, having served across the county in both uniform and CID roles, retiring as a Chief Inspector. During his service he was the Inspector at Haverhill and Chief Inspector at Ipswich where he enjoyed working with the communities to address local concerns. However his most satisfying role was the three years he spent at Ixworth as a beat officer getting to know the communities, parish councils, schools and local groups across eighteen parishes. Mark currently works as a Housing Manager for a Housing Association in Bury St Edmunds

He intends to use these experiences as he develops his role as a Town Councillor.

Mark and his family have a beach hut in Old Felixstowe which they enjoy. He can also been seen kayaking with friends along the coast and to reward themselves they will often be found discussing their latest trip in one of the sea front pubs enjoying a real ale.


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